Back home in the heart of the fans
FC Bayern World + Restaurant, Munich

Those who want to experience FC Bayern Munich no longer necessarily have to go to the stadium. They can do so on the five floors of FC Bayern World directly at Marienplatz. It's exciting here, too, because  large-scale digital elements allow the shop's appearance to change regularly. The combination of wood, steel, and concrete creates a compelling contrast with the team's signature red colour. Light bands present on the ceiling offer a modern interpretation of the Bavarian diamond. Additionally, the store has an administrative level and a club restaurant.

Client: Interbrand CEE for FC Bayern Munich
Area: approx. 1,700 sqm
Conceptual design: Studio Helmut Luck
Realisation: umdasch Store Makers Management GmbH

Third-party image rights:
Opening with board members: ©FC Bayern München

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