In-House Architect/Co-Founder
@Cheil Worldwide (MdLab Munich)

Cheil Worldwide is a marketing company under the Samsung Group with headquarter in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the world‘s largest advertising agency. Christoph Ziegler, Matthias Benz, Christian Gottwald and Mario Schwary founded MDLab 2010 in Munich. A strategic design agency for the creation of branded environments and part of Cheil‘s brand experience group.

The projects shown below were realised while working as an in-house architect/co-founder at MDLab. They were developed in teamwork at the office in Munich from 2012 to 2015. ©Cheil Worldwide (MdLab, Munich)

Team Munich: Ralf Deicke, Ana Correa, Julian Dostmann, Öznur Erboğa, Camilla Falconi, Simon Frick, Marcus Götz, Vladimir Moldovanu, Friedemann Riemansberger-Vetter, Brigitte Schwöllenbach, Simon Vorhammer, Felipe Wagner

Third-party image rights:
Samsung exhibition stand MWC 2011 Barcelona ©Thomas Stefan.
Samsung exhibition stand IFA 2010 Berlin ©Werner Popp.

Entrance area of the CES 2012 in Las Vegas with screen sculpture.
Selected Works