In-House Creative Director 3D
@Interbrand CEE

These projects were completed while working as an in-house Associate Creative Director 3D for Interbrand CEE. They were developed in teamwork at the Interbrand office in Berlin from 2012 to 2015. ©Interbrand

Team: Gerd Burla, Helga Capitaine, Alex Gordon, Soo-Chung Lee, Woo-Chung Lee, Limon Lu, Joyce Tsai, Felipe Wagner

Third-party image rights:
Photo of motorway long distance signage + conference room: ©Munich Airport (Alex Tino Fiedel)
Logo furniture for Munich Airport: © Soo-Chung Lee
Model photos of Airport Istanbul + Datsun: ©Modellbau Milde, Berlin

Selected Works